RooR is among the top borosilicate functional glass manufacturers in the world. They are known for using high quality materials and production techniques. Expert glassblowers hand make each RooR piece, taking the time to ensure quality and consistency. RooR’s brand is world renowned, having quickly grown from a glass workshop in a small town in […]

Every water pipe, bong, and dab rig comes in one of three joint sizes: 10mm, 14mm, and 18mm. Each of these joint sizes comes in one of two forms, male or female, indicating whether the joint protrudes outward or caves inwards. While most glass pieces come standard with a bowl, you need to know your […]

Taking big hits from a bubbler or bong could be, well (cough*cough), damaging. Inhaling hot carbon, no matter how sweet or organic, hurts and could do some temporary or permanent damage. An easy solution is to cool down smoke before it reaches your lungs. Adding the right amount of water to your tobacco waterpipe would […]

Hot smoke could be a nuisance for any smoker. Bongs filter smoke through a series of dispersion mechanisms and percolators, but smoke could still be hot after the process. An ice pinch bong combines dispersion, bubbling, and ice to actively cool smoke to a reasonable temperature before the user inhales. Most ice pinches are contained […]

Dichroic glass was first introduced to the heady glass market in the 1970s by legendary glassblower, Bob Snodgrass. Dichroic (dichro) glass were not just an artistic addition to glass pipes, but expanded commercial interest in heady glass altogether. By adding metal alloys to borosilicate glass during the heating process, unique colors appear within the glass. […]

Headshops have been serving tobacco smoking products to smokers for generations. A headshop is a convenient way to solve all your smoking needs in one stop. However, finding the right headshop with the right prices could be challenging. The internet makes shopping easier. Price comparison is infinitely easier online. Online headshops make searching for smoking […]

Smoke shops are the intersections of commerce and smoking. They’ve been around since the earliest days of tobacco smoking, providing smokers with pipes and accessories. Today’s smoke shops have evermore improved, supplying smokers with glass pipes, grinders, vaporizers, tobacco bongs, rolling papers, and more. With this era’s innovations in smoking, more products than ever are […]

From scientifically engineered percolating machines to artistically crafted works of art, glass pipes have become the epicenter of several industries and subcultures. New borosilicate (boro) glass compounds have allowed glass artists and scientists to become extremely creative with their craft. Today’s glass is tougher and more heat resistant than ever, allowing glass workers to create […]

The past few years of heady glass engineering have seen rapid change and innovation. Engineers and artists alike have found new ways of incorporating experience enhancing features into the design of their pieces. Among the most dynamic features, the percolator has grown in popularity, becoming (in many smoker’s eyes) a necessity. Percolators, or “percs” for […]

A sploof is the simplest, most efficient, and most useful way to get rid of the smell of smoke. No matter what you’re smoking, sploofs not only gets rid of the smell of smoke, but could even get rid of your smoke altogether. Sploofs come in many varieties from homemade art pieces to professional grade carbon […]

The Smokebuddy and the Sploofy are by all means the two leaders of the sploof market. The Smokebuddy has a longer history and more established brand, but the Sploofy is quickly catching up to its competitor, attracting sploof users with its high quality aesthetic and smoke-killing abilities. We’ve done our testing, research, and more testing […]

  What is Hemp Wick? Hemp wick is cheap, easy to use, and transportable. And one more thing, it could help save your life. A slowly burning, hemp-derived spool of string, hemp wick is often used as an alternative to lighting cigarettes, pipes, “etc.” Most cigarette lighters (Bics, Clippers, Zippos) use butane gas to keep […]

We smoked, sploofed, and tested the Sploofy, covering all bases in our latest Sploofy review. Here’s what we found: 1. The Sploofy is extremely effective at removing smoke. In our Sploofy review we compared the Sploofy to the classic sploof – the cardboard, dryer sheet, rubber band concoction that’s probably lying around somewhere between your […]

  We all know that dirty corner piece, filled with ash, in our friend’s basement. Do your friend a solid and clean that out, so they don’t get a lung infection. The following is a step-by-step tutorial of to clean a water pipe properly.   Step 1: Rinse your water pipe with cold water. Room temperature […]

Want to know how to roll a perfect joint? Well, here is a step-by-step description to get you rolling like a pro. It takes a little bit of practice so be patient. But by the end of this you will definitely be able to tell your friends that you know how to roll a perfect joint. […]

The official Sploofs Viva La Vape Revolt review. This vaporizer is easily one of the best bangs for your buck. For less than $100 you get a temperature adjustable vaporizer than not only looks cool, but does the job. This vaporizer is meant for dry material and only requires a very slow amount of “legal herbs” […]

  This video demonstrates how to make your own gravity bong in 60 seconds. This is a quick and easy beginner’s guide and requires minimal household objects. The method presented is not recommended for long time use, but is great for a quick toke.   Materials required: Water bottle, lighter, wrench lug, toothpick, and screwdriver. […]

Vaporizers provide a much cleaner, healthier, and stealthier alternative to smoking. Over the past few years, the vape market has been flooded with several varieties and many brands of vaporizers. We’re going to walk you through a step-by-step process for selecting your vaporizer. Here is how to choose a vaporizer.   Step 1: Select your […]

  We’ve broken down the best method for making a simple sploof within your home. It takes just 45 seconds. Grab a paper towel roll, some dryer sheets, and a rubber band. You should be sploofing in no time at all!   Grab an empty paper towel roll. Insert 2-3 dryer sheets into paper towel […]

The classic method: use an empty paper towel roll, a few dryer sheets, and a rubber band. Use an empty can, pop holes in the bottom, stuff with dryer sheets. Use an empty bottle, pop holes in the bottom, stuff with dryer sheets. Hollow out a thick wooden stick, drill holes, stuff with dryer sheets. […]

Thanks for asking. Don Sploofenstein is perhaps the most influential sploof master to walk on the face of the Earth. He inhales dankness and exhales freshness. He breathes purity and eliminates imperfection.   It was the during the turn of the twentieth century that Don Sploofenstein first came up with the idea to create a […]

We can’t leave the glory of the classic sploof without a review. Its cardboard cylinder, its rubber band rim, and its dryer sheet end make it undoubtedly one of the simplest and affordable pieces of anyone’s smoking arsenal. But it is effective.   We’re gonna outline the many pros and the few cons of the […]

You might be missing some of the basic ingredients to make your own sploof. You might just want to take some extra precautions. I can’t read your mind. But I could tell you how to make your room smell proof. Keep the dank inside so the outside doesn’t freak out.   What you’ll need: Towel […]