Glass Innovations for the Modern Smoker: Ashcatchers

Why you will love Ashcatchers

Prior to the invention of the ashcatcher, many smokers far and wide have fallen victim to a very common side effect of smoking from a pipe. This occurrence has the power ruin your smoke session and even cause you to act out of whack (temporarily). We are not talking about breaking your piece (although that sucks the most). This problem is non other than getting a mouth full of ash when you hit your piece. Maybe you pulled too hard on the piece, causing the ash to get forcibly sucked through the bowl. Or maybe there was a little piece of your smoking material that was way too small, and found its way through the bowl and into your mouth. Whatever the cause was, we’ve all been there. Thankfully, that doesn’t have to happen any more and you can thank the invention of the ashcatcher.

While there is no one universal design for ashcatchers, the concept and function of them are all the same. Its right there in the name. These devices and sections are made to catch the ash before it leaves the mouthpiece. How it performs this task is up to the designer of the pipe.

Built in Ashcatcher:

      Reverse Flare Ashcatcher: Usually seen on hand pipes or pipes without water, this ashcatcher prevents the ash from exiting the piece by surrounding the exit hole with a volcano like enclosure. This catches the ash as you inhale catches everything for the most part. The example seen above is taken from the Classic Spoon Pipe by Grav Labs.


Detachable Ashcatchers

You will most likely find these detachable ashcatchers sitting on a water pipe. While they fulfill their purpose of stopping ash from leaving the piece, more than often they serve another purpose. That purpose is to provide extra filtration and diffusion for your piece. You can more than likely find a detachable ashcatcher with your favorite type of percolator inside. That includes the popular Tree Perc, Barrel Perc, Disk Perc and practically every other type of percolator. With glassblowing already so popular and on the rise, there is more than likely an ashcatcher with your preferred percolator.

Add-on Ashcatcher


Besides a physical glass ashcatcher, water acts as a natural ashcatcher. If ash falls through your bowl, the water will catch it. Mind you, the water will get dirty which is why bong water is changed so often.

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