Glow in the Dark Hand Pipes

What’s better than a hand pipe? How about a glow in the dark hand pipe. For those having trouble finding their pipe at night, you might want to consider to something a little more “flashy.” Glass work has become more and more complex in the past two decades. Innovative glassblowers and glass brands have been working with new materials, shapes, and styles. Phosphoresence, the same material used in glow in the dark toys and stickers, has evidently made its way into the hand pipe market.


What is Phosphoresence?

Phosphoresence is a type of photoluminescence. It’s related to fluoresence, but has a much slower re-emission rate, making it stay lit longer. Explaining the details of exactly how this material works would require a lengthy quantum mechanic equation. To keep it simple, the material absorbs energy when exposed to light, storing the energy in its own electrons. In the absence of light, the material appears to glow as the atoms’ electrons slowly release their energy through photons.

Pigments like zinc sulfide and strontium aluminite are used as pigments to add color to phospoheresent material. Green and blue are the most popular colors used for glow in the dark objects, but variations of yellow and red also exist.


The Benefits of a Glow in the Dark Hand Pipe

First and foremost, the concept that an object could store light energy and re-emit it through some crazy quantum mechanic concept is pretty cool. That itself should give you enough to contemplate while you’re smoking out of your hand pipe.

A more practical benefit: using a glow in the dark hand pipe makes it much easier to smoke at night or in a dark room. Instead of burning your finger with a lighter or fumbling with your phone’s flashlight, you could easily pick up and pass a glow in the dark hand pipe no matter how dark it is. In fact, the dark the environment, the more the pipe will stand out, and the easier it will be to see.

Glow in the Dark Hand Pipes
Chameleon Glass – Glow in the Dark Sherlock Pipe

Types of Glow in the Dark Hand Pipes

Like all hand pipes, glow in the dark hand pipes come in many shapes and sizes. You could find glow in the dark Sherlock pipes, spoon pipes, bubblers, and even full-out bongs. Each variety comes with its own perks (or percs). Glowing pieces are a great conversation starter and centerpiece. You might just find all your friends staring at the only lit object in the room next time you’re seshing.

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