How Mothership Glass is Making Waves in the Glass Market

The bar for branded glass just got raised. Mothership Glass, a high end producer of functional glass, has exploded in popularity over the past three years. The company was started by master glassblower, Scott Deppe, who took his own successful solo career to the next level by putting together a team of highly skilled artisans. Together they created Mothership Glass, which produces one of today’s finest lines of water pipes.


Heady glass artists have been around since the early 1990’s, making a living off selling their work at conventions and eventually working their way into headshops. Around the same time, brands like RooR started producing quality borosilicate pipes and distributing them worldwide. Branded glass and heady glass seemed to develop, very much successfully, on their own separate paths. But the rise in collaboration among artists and the wild growth of the glass market have brought about a new tier of consumer: the glasshead.


Collecting bongs and dab rigs has become an artistic pursuit. Highly skilled glass artists have just touched the tip of the iceberg in terms of innovation and design. A new artform has come alive altogether. Deppe, founder of Mothership sits at an elite level together with a select few artists—Banjo, Clinton Roman, and Jason Lee—to name a few. New forms, percolators, and designs are being invented on a regular basis. Swiss percs and Kleins are just a few recent developments that are already being copied by established glass brands.


Members of Steppe’s team are beginning to make a name for themselves, with Instagram giving each artist a platform of their own. Instagram not only gives artists a place to reach out to customers, but links networks of extremely talented glassblowers.


A single Mothership piece can take well over 20 hours to complete and sell for over a thousand dollars on average. Finding a Mothership Glass piece is rare with glassheads pre-ordering pieces from certified retailers. But the heady glass ecosystem on Instagram is growing, bringing in a new supply of fresh boro.

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