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Headshops have been serving tobacco smoking products to smokers for generations. A headshop is a convenient way to solve all your smoking needs in one stop. However, finding the right headshop with the right prices could be challenging. The internet makes shopping easier. Price comparison is infinitely easier online. Online headshops make searching for smoking products quicker and more enjoyable. Large selections are not limited by small store space. Rather, the internet provides a platform for entire warehouses of inventory. Displaying thousands of glass pipes, grinders, tobacco bongs, and rigs with icons on a screen is much easier than physically displaying the same products in a glass case. The following is a summary of all you need in terms of online headshop knowledge.


The online headshop market has become increasingly saturated over the past few years. Sales for glass pipes and bongs are sky high. With the market for tobacco products and smoking accessories growing, many players have come to the game. Sorting through hundreds of sites for the best deals and products could be difficult. Here’s a list of things to look out for to make your online headshop experience easier:

  1. Free USA Shipping – With competition on the rise, many of the higher end online headshops have begun to implement free USA shipping. Shipping and handling of delicate glass or ceramic objects could be expensive. Having this cost cut out of the equation could drastically decrease the price you pay for a bong, vaporizer, or glass pipe.
  2. Reviews – Make sure people have bought from this site before. Check online reviews of the website itself as well of reviews of products within the website. Is customer service friendly? Have people had problems with returns? Do products come as described? A quick lookup on Angie’s List or a thread on Reddit could make all the difference. Be confident in the website before you purchase.
  3. Return Policy – Does the website clearly state its return policy? To be safe, carefully read the site’s return policy and make sure you are able to return unused items within 30 days. This is the industry standard.
  4. Site Functionality – If a business runs primarily online, it should be investing most of its revenue back into its site. Does the site run quickly? Does it look good? These are signs that the online headshop is successful and concerned about its customer experience.


After you choose the right online headshop, the next step is choose what you want to buy. You might already have something in mind. Go in with a plan and come out with what you want. Here are some popular items sold in headshops:

  1. Glass Pipes – Glass pipes come in many varieties. Water pipes, spoon pipes, chillums, etc. You should choose a glass pipe based on your budget and intended use. Are you a heavy or light smoker? How much smoke can you handle? Do you smoke dry tobacco or legal concentrates? Depending on your answers to these questions you may want to look at bongs, dab rigs, or perhaps a simpler piece.
  2. Vaporizers – Vaporizers have risen in popularity almost as fast as online headshops themselves. Vaporizers allow users to smoke without inhaling the harmful carcinogens caused by lighting tobacco with fire. There are a wide variety of these electronic machines. You should of course consider how much you are willing to spend and what you would like to get out of your piece. Carefully read descriptions and reviews before purchasing a vaporizer.
  3. Accessories – Along with a pipe or vaporizer, most smokers need a host of accessories to maximize their experiences. Grinders, rolling papers, ash trays, and sploofs are all optional items, but nonetheless useful. When choosing accessories, your personality and purpose will likely come out. Choose the things you need for your daily smoke sessions or just choose what you like.

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