RooR Dab Rigs – A Step Above the Cut

RooR is among the highest quality functional glass brands. Their pipes, bongs, and dab rigs are handmade by some of the industry’s most talented glassblowers. As oils and concentrates become the preferred smoking material for some smokers, RooR has double downed on their production of glass dab rigs. RooR dab rigs are now an intrinsic part of the RooR Tech line, featuring some of RooR’s most impressive engineering and percolation.


RooR Dab Rigs

The high heat required to vaporize oil and concentrates makes thick, heat resistant glass a must. RooR only uses the highest end borosilicate glass available on the market. Schott glass is made by a German glass engineering lab which also manufactures glass for delicate electronics and industrial machines. Schott glass is resistant to heat, shattering, and under the right conditions is malleable enough to create the intricate downstems, percs, and splash guards that RooR is known for.

RooR dab rigs come standard with a quartz banger. Having a separate nail or banger for a dab rig is essential. Extensive direct heat exposure could alter the shape of borosilicate glass. Though boro is known to withstand repeated use, it is advisable to avoid directly torching your glass piece. A quartz banger offers a durable surface for dabbing, while buffering the torch’s heat from the glass downstem.


RooR Tech

RooR Tech takes their pieces to the next level. The Classic RooR line emphasizes exterior shape and structure. Some of RooR’s most well known pieces like their beakers, straight tubes, and mini beakers are part of their basic line. RooR Tech adds intricate percolators and diffusion systems to their pieces. A RooR Tech bong or dab rig will likely contain multiple percs and a unique shape.


The TBD Series Dab Rig Bubbler w/ Multiple Percs

Our premier RooR dab rig comes from the TBD series. The piece contains a fixed downstem, a barrel perc, and a splash guard. The beaker base allows smoke to diffuse before being filtered through the barrel perc. As smoke rises to the top, the neck narrows, concentrating smoke into one smooth stream. The neck also has two maria rings for improved grip and design.

RooR Dab Rigs – A Step Above the Cut
RooR TBD Dab Rig Bubbler

The TBD Series Dab Rig Bubbler comes standard with a quartz banger. The smoker could heat up the banger using an electronic nail or torch. Each type of oil has its own ideal vaping temperature which you should be aware of when using. This piece will most definitely enhance your dabbing experience. RooR goes through great lengths to design the most effective pieces, using a combination of artisanal craftsmanship and glass science.

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