RooR: Origins, Kulture, and Lineup

RooR is among the top borosilicate functional glass manufacturers in the world. They are known for using high quality materials and production techniques. Expert glassblowers hand make each RooR piece, taking the time to ensure quality and consistency. RooR’s brand is world renowned, having quickly grown from a glass workshop in a small town in Germany to a household name in the functional glass market.


RooR’s Origins:


In 1995, German glass-blower, Martin Birzle started the first RooR glass blowing center in Frankenthal, Germany. He applied his years of artistic and scientific glassblowing experience to the simple, but much needed task of creating quality glass water pipes. At the time, most head shops were selling mass produced glass that lacked the character and quality that we see in RooR today. Birzle came in with the mindset never to manufacture mass products, but to create art.


The RooR brand spread quickly, becoming an instant hit in Germany after a group of young smokers in Frankenthal began spreading the word. The whole country soon picked up on the new high quality boro coming out of Frankenthal. In the next five years the company spread to England, France, and Spain, with new glass blowing centers opening up around Europe. It was not long until smokers in the United States started hearing about the German glass company and of course, the rest is history.


Today RooR operates and ships its products around the globe. RooR recognition has even fed into an industry of branded boro and more unfortunately, knock-offs. In 2013, RooR took legal action against head shops selling fake RooRs in several US states. Today, RooR maintains its integrity and only a select few physical and online headshop have the privilege of carrying the elite brand. Sploofs is one of those few.

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The Glass:


RooR uses a type of borosilicate glass known as Schott glass. The German company, SCHOTT, is based in Dusseldorf, Germany. They are well known for their high level of durability in the scientific glass industry. Schott glass has a unique formula that uses the perfect combination of silica, boron dioxide, and other raw material to create the perfect borosilicate glass. Their glass is used for fiber optics, electronic components, industrial building materials, and of course luxury crafts.


Using this Schott glass as a starting point, RooR glass blowers carefully craft each component of their bongs or dab rigs by hand. Hot burning kilns are used to heat the glass to make it more malleable. Glass is then blown into the proper form using a combination of inflation and molding. Blowpipes, sheers, and paddles are the artisans’ choice of tools.


The RooR Kulture:


Martin Birzle made his philosophy clear from the beginning: “highest quality and best functionality with individual and appealing design.” His priority is to deliver a product that works just as great as it looks. That means each piece that comes out of RooR’s kilns is durable, functional, and aesthetic.

Martin Birzle

Simplicity is the answer. RooR’s tagline is, and always will be “Pure Smoke Kulture.” They don’t just want your hits to feel pure and clean. They keep every aspect of their operations pure. Birzle makes sure that each glassblowing studio producing bongs, dab rigs, and pipes under his brand name is kept clean to the utmost standard. Each piece looks and feels pure. The Schott glass making up each piece is always molded to the correct size and specifications requested. Air bubbles never make their way into these pieces as the glassblowers working on them take their time to slowly mold the glass correctly.


The RooR Lineup:


RooR’s product line is diverse enough to satisfy any smoker but simple enough to take the headache out of choosing your next piece. RooR separates their water pipe lines into three main categories: beakers, straights, and RooRtech.

Tiny Sista
18″ 9mm Straight Tube
RooRTech Inline Perc to 10 Arm Tree Perc

Here you can see examples of each line of RooR water pipe. From left to right we have the Tiny Sista Beaker Bong (beaker), an 18” 9mm Straight Tube (straight), and an Inline Perc to 10 Arm Tree Perc w/ Splash Guard (RooR Tech). These are standard water pipes that could be found within each category. Browse our shop page to learn more about the details of each product.


The beaker bong utilizes its shape to diffuse smoke as you inhale. The bottom of the pipe flares outward, giving plenty of room for smoke to spread out after it escapes the water. Its downstem angles in at 45°, and reaches deep into the bottom of the base. Users are meant to hold the pipe at a slight angle to maximize the smoke’s exposure to water. The Tiny Sista is a small but effective beaker bong, easily transportable, but made to last.


The 18” Straight Tube is a larger piece. Instead of diffusing smoke at its base, it uses its long and wide tube to let smoke breath before you inhale. This water pipe stands on a wide base and has a wide mouthpiece for large inhalations.


RooRTech’s Inline Perc to 10 Arm Tree Perc w/ Splash Guard is a prime example of RooR’s ability to combine style and function. Smoke leaves a small bowl, meant for taking snaps, and descends into a horizontal inline percolator. As the smoke rises it combines with water and air, leaving heat and unwanted ash behind. Last, the smoke climbs up the long tube before reaching a 10 arm tree percolator. This perc separates smoke into 10 individual streams, allowing it to significantly look before the user makes the final inhalation.


What’s the difference between Roor and Roor Tech?

Both of these product lines carry the RooR name and reputation, but what differentiates the two? For starters, both Roor and Tech are made in the same facilities, located in Corona California. The main differentiator between the two is simple: If the water pipe or oil rig contains a percolation system (other than a diffused down stem), it falls under the Tech Line. Both lines are capable of being custom ordered whether that be a custom colored crown, custom ice pinch, bowl, glass thickness and many more. The table below highlights some other key differences between the two.

Roor Roor Tech
  •  Hand Made by one artist and signed
  • Does not have Percolators (Aside from diffused down stem)
  • Sold in Europe
  • Bowls come in many options (Martini, Funnel, US-Style)
  • Can be customized
  • Made in Corona, California facilities
  • Scientifically made on a Lathe using 2+ people due to the intricacies of percolators.
  • Has Percolators
  • Sold in Europe
  • Usually comes with snapper bowl (3 pinch style)
  • Can also be customized
  • Made in Corona, CA

Real vs Fake RooR:

Because of RooR’s popularity, unfortunately many cheap glass manufacturers have attempted to knock-off RooR’s brand. Fortunately there are some straight forward ways to differentiate a real RooR piece from a fake. The following table covers the basics.

Real Fake
  • Smooth, ingrained logo – A real RooR logo will be flush with the surface and appear clear and bright.
  • Signature squiggle and dot. A real RooR piece will often have RooR’s squiggle and dot, a raised decoration on the side of the water pipe.
  • Clear glass – RooR glass is known for the clarity and purity of their glass. Properly torched Schott glass will be smooth and not bumpy. 
  • Relatively heavy – Borosilicate glass is very dense and durable
  • Even width and straight tube. There may be some very minor slants on the straight tube or sides of the beaker. Since these pieces are handblown is natural to see very slight variation from piece to piece. A keen eye could differentiate a hand blown piece from a molded piece.
  • Registered with RooR – Vendors who sell real RooR’s are verified with the company itself. You could contact RooR or check their website to find out if you are buying from an authorized vendor.
  • Sticker logo, or dull/pixelated logo. Fakes will often have cheap printed stickers slapped on the tube. This is the primary tell that a piece is fake.
  • The Logo should not cover or go over any percolators or the ice pinch
  • The second R in RooR should aways face left (backwards)
  • Ice pinch should have only 3 pinch’s. Anymore or less is certainly a fake product
  • Thin glass – Fake RooR’s will usually be made of cheap glass. The weight of the piece is a great indicator. Check the edges and mouthpiece for any brittle edges.
  • Cracks – Real RooRs are inspected before being shipped out. A real RooR will have no cracks on the water pipe itself. All pieces cracked in the kiln are either discarded or repaired before being shipped.



Real RooR Logo                                       Smooth Edges                                                      Raised Signature Design

Roor Customizations:

Along with production line models, Roor prides themselves on being able to deliver a fully customized product from concept to creation. Made entirely in their California and Germany facilities, these pieces take longer to make as they incorporate custom specifications into them. These custom modifications and upgrades create a truly one-of-a-kind piece, whether it be a straight tube bong, beaker bottom bong, dab rig or Tech line.

Below are some of the upgrades you may find in our collection or may custom order through us or Roor directly.


Worked Midsection              Bent Neck                   Custom Crown        Another Example of a Custom Crown

As well as these physical modification, the Roor Decal comes available in 30+ variations, including a beautiful flame polished finish.



Roor takes all of their glass worked pieces very seriously, down to the downstem. Their downstems come available in a multitude of lengths and diffusion styles. To name a few, their main styles consist of the following:

  • Regular Open End Diffused
  • 13-Hole Diffused German Style
  • Grid Diffused
Check out these awesome downstem styles

These styles come available in you standard 14mm and 18mm sizes. Many of these Roor downstems  also feature a chamber to house activated carbon. What activated carbon does is absorb many of the harsh features smoke brings, and provides a much smoother and cooler hit.

Need some flexibility? Roor creates adapters for interchangeable use between male and female joints.




Consistently delivering style, quality, and purity for over two decades, RooR continues to grow and deliver premium water pipes to smokers with high standards. The culture (kulture) behind RooR remains intact and stronger than ever. Each water pipe is made using the same precision techniques pioneered in the mid-90s. Choose the piece that suits you best and enjoy that unmistakably smooth hit that these pieces create .


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