Smoke Shop Knowledge

Smoke shops are the intersections of commerce and smoking. They’ve been around since the earliest days of tobacco smoking, providing smokers with pipes and accessories. Today’s smoke shops have evermore improved, supplying smokers with glass pipes, grinders, vaporizers, tobacco bongs, rolling papers, and more. With this era’s innovations in smoking, more products than ever are available on the market. The variation of smoking pieces and accessories has brought a new wave of smoke shops along with various new types of smoke shops.


Types of Smoke Shops:

  1. Headshop – The headshop has long been the classic place for Americans to go when in need of some smoking equipment. Today’s headshops carry a vast selection of tobacco pipes including bongs and multiple glass pipes. Headshops often display their merchandise in long glass cases. Store visitors could browse through selections and talk to the shop keeper about what is best for them. Vaporizers have made huge waves in the headshop marketplace. Some store have moved to exclusively selling dry and liquid vaporizers.
  2. Online Headshop – Online headshops take all the benefits of the physical headshop and relocate them to an easy access online format. The internet has become full of online headshops, offering great discounts and free shipping. is one of many online headshops. We actively engage with the smoking community, connecting with smokers and glass artists alike to create the ultimate smoke shop in an online platform.
  3. Smart Shop – The European cousin of the headshop, the smart shop carries all the pipes and accessories that the headshop does. But perhaps in a bit more style. Smart shops were first popularized in Scandinavian countries around the 1970s, with the rise of glass making art and heady glass. Today they are the go to smoke shops for Europeans.


Why Buy from a Smoke Shop?

Convenience stores and big box retailers offer some of the same products that could be found in a smoke shop. So why shop at a smoke shop in the first place? It comes down to quality, knowledge, and convenience. Smoke shop owners are far more knowledgeable about smoking products than the average convenience store keeper. Quite frankly, it’s their job. When walking into a smoke shop you could expect to be greeted by a friendly store rep. Tell them what you need and they’ll be happy to help you find the best quality item within your price range. Many times a bong or spoon pipe might require a few accessories. Glass screens, grinders, and ash catchers could all improve your smoking. Unless you’re in a smoke shop, it would be hard to find all these items in the same place. Smoke shops offer convenience and variety to make shopping easier.


Products Offered in a Smoke Shop

Smoke shops are a one stop shop for all smoking related items. Instead of spending hours going from store to store, or online brand to brand, you could simply go to a smoke shop. Products are easily displayed and organized into their category. Here is a list of what you could find an average smoke shop:

  1. Glass Pipes – Tobacco bongs, legal concentrate rigs, spoon pipes, steamrollers, and any other type of pipe you could imagine. Glass pipes are very popular due to their artistic designs. Durability and utility are now built into these pipes. The innovation of borosilicate glass has made pipe making easier and more widespread.
  2. Vaporizers – Vaporizers are perhaps the most recent development in smoking culture. These electronic machines allow smokers to inhale their tobacco without ever lighting it on fire. Vaporizers reduce the amount of carcinogens inhaled, while providing smokers with pleasant, clean vapor. They come in desktop and handheld sizes.
  3. Grinders – Grinders take the finger pain out of smoking. They give smokers the ability to chop up large amounts of tobacco or legal herb, making it easier to smoke. Many grinders come with pollen catchers. Some grinder contain three or four detachable pieces which could be moved around for different functions.
  4. Rolling Papers – Rolling papers are one of the more classic smoking accessories. They could be made from organic materials, rice paper, or flavored paper. These papers are meant to burn slowly and add a pleasant taste to whatever legal herb is being smoked.
  5. Bowls – This umbrella term refers to the section of any pipe where tobacco or legal herb is packed. Bowls can be glass, wood, ceramic, or metal. Most bowls are quite deep and meant to be packed with about a half a gram of tobacco. Glass replacement bowls are common for bongs. They come in 14mm and 18mm sizes.
  6. Ashtrays – Ashtrays have long been a part of smoking culture. The simplicity of an ashtray makes it easy to decorate. Some ashtrays are made of ceramic while some are made from glass. Ashtrays are used to put out lit material and dispose of ash. Some ashtrays, such as the Glass Debowler, help remove stubborn ash from a bowl.
  7. Accessories – A number of smoking accessories beyond the above mentioned are available at smoke shops. These include sploofs, dabber tools, and screens, just to name a few.

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