Smoking on a Budget: Where to Find Bongs Under $100

Bongs come in all shapes and sizes. There are tube bongs, beaker bongs, recyclers, honeycomb percs. The list goes on and on. Realistically there is usually one differentiating factor: price. You could find tricked out dab rigs made by renowned artists for well over a thousand bucks nowadays. If only we all had the luxury of buying whatever we wanted, granted some people make exceptions for their heady glass hobby. This is a guide for the practical. The modest smoker who doesn’t mind toting a basic straight tube. Thankfully there is no shortage of bongs under $100. Let’s get into the things you should look for.


Going off Brand

While some smokers might oggle at the shiny Illadelph behind the shiny glass case in their local headshop, others are browsing through the measly one hitters in the bin on the counter. There’s no need to settle when it comes to buying a functional water pipe on a budget. There are a variety of off brand bongs under $100.

You could even find bongs with percolators and other features that you might have thought were only available in the higher price ranges. Some cheap bongs even have multiple percolators. Our Bent Neck Honeycomb to Tree Perc Water Pipe has two levels of percolation and a bent neck to prevent splashback.


Don’t Ask for Too Much

If you want a more serious bong, but you’re still on a budget, you’ll have to sacrifice on features. Even high quality brands make bongs under $100. The Mathematix 8” Raked Water Pipe is a simple beaker with a 45° joint. It stands on a 3” base and is made from thick, quality borosilicate glass. More importantly, it’s handmade in Los Angeles, California. While this bong lacks percolators and an ice catcher, it is made of durable materials that look great and feel better.

Mathematix Bong – Only $45

Thick glass is noticeably heavier, built to withstand repeated heat exposure and minor falls. Grav Labs is another brand that makes quality bongs at a lower price point. Looking for a bubbler instead of a full out bong could also help you save while stay in the water pipe category.


Split a Piece

You probably have some friends you smoke with regularly. Instead of buying your own piece, why not split a better piece amongst two or three friends? If you are not the type to regularly smoke out of a bong yourself, you might as well find some partners to make an investment with. A group of three could easily afford a branded, high quality bong without paying more than $100 each.

For the more modest smoker, this might be the best option. Remember that there are plenty of buying options out there. Shop around and do your research before committing to a piece. Every bong comes with its own experience.

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