The Movement Towards Glass and Innovation in Smoking

It seems that everyone’s jumping on the glass bandwagon this year. The days of rolling, smoking out of fruit, and sucking the end of a bowl through a water bottle seem to be dwindling. In short, smokers seem to be upping their standards and glass makers have been quick to respond.


The Gravity Bong

A smoker without a pipe might as well be MacGyver. Before glass blunts and Gravitron gravity bongs, we used to have to scour our homes for things we could turn to pipes. Apples became hand pipes, buckets became gravity bongs, and tin foil with some punched holes doubled as a bowl. But recently we’ve seen these clever household inventions turn into branded glass pieces.

Grav Lab’s Gravitron XL is one of the more successful transformations. A thick glass base hold water while bottomless bottle acts as the container of smoke. Pulling the bottle upwards causes smoke to stream into the bottle, compensating for the displaced water. A glass bowl on top is easily removable, giving the user access to the mouthpiece.

This is truly a household favorite-turned professional. The pleasure of smoking out of a gravity bong was always there, but it was just missing that classy touch. The Gravitron brings it all together, bringing the best of both worlds together.

The Movement Towards Glass and Innovation in Smoking


The Glass Blunt

Rolling a fat one with a tobacco leaf will always be the go-to for some people. But recently smokers have been shifting over to the cleaner, faster product: the glass blunt. They come in several styles but usually work in similar ways.

The basic mechanism involves two tubes, one with a mouthpiece and one that contains the tobacco. Extending the mouthpiece leaves open space for packing. The open space at the tip gives the material air to be lit and smoked. As ash accumulates and the ember gets farther down the tube, the user could push the mouthpiece in to get rid of the ash and bring the fresh material closer to the surface.



Innovation is a part of any field. Smoking is just starting to experience scientific developments and creative ideas. Vaping, glass, and concentrates are all on the rise, giving people healthier and cleaner ways of smoking. Still, there will always be room for a classic smoke sesh, so hold onto your papers.

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