Smokebuddy vs Sploofy

The Smokebuddy and the Sploofy are by all means the two leaders of the sploof market. The Smokebuddy has a longer history and more established brand, but the Sploofy is quickly catching up to its competitor, attracting sploof users with its high quality aesthetic and smoke-killing abilities.

We’ve done our testing, research, and more testing to come up with this side-by-side comparison. The Smokebuddy vs the Sploofy:

Quality – Tie:

The Smokebuddy Original and the Sploofy both use activated carbon filtration to not only get rid of the smell of smoke, but to absorb and get rid of the smoke you exhale all together. The Smokebuddy’s slightly larger body allows the smoke you exhale to disburse before entering the carbon filter, which helps eliminate slightly more smoke, but also requires a heavier exhale to ensure that all the smoke is pushed through the filter.

They both do a surprisingly great job at eliminating pretty much all the smoke that you exhale, especially for the first 50 uses. Once you get towards 200-300 uses, they both generally degrade at the same rate. The Smokebuddy MEGA obviously handles a much larger load, but comes at the expense of a bigger device and a few extra bucks. The Smokebuddy Jr. is nearly as good as the Smokebuddy Original, but tends to give out after 150-200 uses.

The Sploofy is built with a higher grade plastic and comes in a much easier to open package. It also has a removeable mouthpiece which you could take off and attach to a fresh cartridge. However, once you realize that that mouthpiece is just a one inch piece of plastic you wonder where the price difference for a cartridge and a whole Sploofy comes from.

The Smokebuddy has a great grip molded into its body which makes it comfortable to hold and prevents it from rolling off a desk, but we found that the Sploofy’s slightly thinner body fits into your hand slightly more comfortably, depending on your hand size. The Smokebuddy does come with a detachable cover for both the mouthpiece and ‘exhaust’ which helps keep the dust out.

We have to say that when it comes to quality, it’s a dead tie between the Smokebuddy and the Sploofy. The sploofing is slightly different for each one, but they both completely eliminate smoke for the same amount of time.

Variety – Smokebuddy:

The Sploofy comes in four different colors: white, black, red, and green. But it only comes in one size.

The Smokebuddy comes in three different sizes: the Smokebuddy Jr., the Smokebuddy Original, and the Smokebuddy MEGA. The quality and price both increase slightly along the spectrum. The Smokebuddy comes in a ton of colors and design patterns as well including camo and wood.

It’s pretty clear that the Smokebuddy has the edge in variety. You could pick three different size and around 20 different colors. So if you’re trying to express your individuality through your sploof, definitely go for the Smokebuddy.

Price – Smokebuddy:

The MSRP on a Sploofy is $19.99, which is pretty much the same as the Smokebuddy Original ($19.95), but because of Smokebuddy’s larger distribution you could find a Smokebuddy for right around $10 on most ecommerce stores. The Sploofy does sell its additional cartridges for $9.99 but they do charge you a premium of $10 to get your first sploof with a mouthpiece, without which the Sploofy is totally useless. Smokebuddy Jr.’s go for even less and you could find a Smokebuddy MEGA for right around $20 if you look through Google hard enough. If you’re on a budget you should choose the Smokebuddy.

Aesthetic – Tie:

This is really up to your personal preference. If you prefer a more sleek, minimalistic look, you’d probably enjoy the Sploofy. But if you’re more rough around the edges, you might prefer the grenade grip of the Smokebuddy. The Smokebuddy does come with and cool LED Smokebuddy keychain, giving it a more friendly appeal.

Portability – Smokebuddy Jr:

Comparing the Sploofy to the Smokebuddy Original, the Sploofy has a slight edge in portability. It slips easily into a water bottle holder on a backpack, and its round edges make it easy to slide in and out of any bag.

The Smokebuddy Jr. however is much smaller and could even fit into a pocket. So, though we are giving the edge to the Smokebuddy Jr, the Sploofy does stand on its own.


At the end of the day, it’s really up to you. Both the Smokebuddy and the Sploofy offer ease of use, high quality, and durability. It’s kind of like pinning Apple against Samsung. Personal preferences have a lot to do with the decision. But we hope this comparison helps you make your decision.

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