Dab Tools

Effective dabbing requires an arsenal of tools and every dabber takes pride in their own collection. We stock our inventory with several tools that make vaporizing legal concentrates more enjoyable. Our digital shelves feature a host of torches, carb caps, nails, and bangers to give you the most effective dabbing experience possible. Dab nails come in titanium, glass, quartz, and ceramic. Ceramic nails absorb and release heat slowly, making hits more flavorful. They require more time under the torch, but hold heat for longer periods of time. Titanium nails can reach high temperatures very quickly, but require frequent exposures under a torch or electric heater. Quartz and glass bangers offer a middle ground, absorbing heat relatively quickly, without requiring constant reheating. Getting your oils from their package to your nail is a process in and of itself. Dabbers need strong, heat resistant tools to avoid burning their hands or fingers when vaporizing legal concentrates. Heady glass dabber tools are very popular in the dabbing community. Themed dabbers usually take classic writing utensils and turn them into tough dabbing tools that resist the high temperatures of heated bangers. Carb caps are also made very creatively, often featuring artistic and themed designs. Carb caps are used to cover nails after oil is placed on them, preventing the vapor that has not yet been inhaled from escaping the dab rig. They also keep nails and bangers heated between dabs. Feel free to get creative in choosing your dab tools and accessories.

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